Amusement Rentals

Here is our list of amusement rentals. Whatever kind of special events you have responsibility for, you’re sure to find an amusement to suit your needs. We deliver anywhere in the metro Atlanta area, or within 100 miles of Winder, GA (zip code 30680)

Razzle Dazzle Miniature Golf

A 9 hole portable miniature golf course designed for hours of family fun. This mini golf game comes complete with windmill, wishing well, loop-the-loop, lighthouse, and obstacles for every hole. The course may be set up indoors or outside. Each hole is between eight and twelve feet in length. Putters, putter stand, golf balls, and score cards are included. This amusement rental is good for ages 3 to 101! No electricity is needed.

Razzle Dazzle Pictures

Radar Pitch

Measure your speed with radar on the baseball target. Comes with custom painted artwork of baseball batter and catcher on target. Tennis balls are supplied with the target, which is 6’ x 6’, is mounted on a sturdy metal frame, and may be set up indoors or outside. One electrical outlet is needed. One of our most popular amusement rentals.

Mini-High Striker

Often called “Ring the Bell”, this eight foot high amusement is suitable for children up to age 12. The High Striker may be set up indoors or outside. No electricity is needed.

Spin Art

This carnival classic creates colorful pictures on cards. Our machines are all double bins, so that you may run two lines at one time. This spin art machine may be set up indoors or outside. A table is recommended (to hold the artwork while it is drying) and one electrical outlet is needed.

Fun Flush

Better than a dunk tank! Water is “flushed” on a volunteer when tennis ball hits the target. Unlike a dunk tank, both children and adults are suitable to be volunteers. One water outlet is needed. This unit must be used outdoors. We supply the equipment, you supply the victims!

Funtastic Baseball Target Throw

A colorful 6’ x 6’ target of a batter and catcher. Player gets three pitches with a tennis ball. No electricity is needed.

Funtastic Football Pass

A colorful 6’ x 6’ target of a football receiver about to catch the football. Mini footballs are supplied. No electricity is needed for this amusement rental.

Sand Art

Bottles and necklaces are supplied to fill with colorful sand (supplied). One table is required.

Temporary Tattoo Booth

This amusement contains medium and large sized temporary tattoos, applied with water. A table is required. No electricity is needed.


Player has three attempts to put a basketball through a hoop. No electricity is needed.

Cotton Candy Machine

Everybody loves cotton candy. How can you have a carnival or event without it? We carry standard and deluxe machines. One table and a dedicated electrical outlet are required. Our most popular concession amusement rental.


A family favorite! Game includes Bingo cage and 300 Bingo cards. No electricity is needed.

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