How to Hire a DJ in Atlanta

When hiring a DJ in Atlanta, there are many questions that must first be asked. Here are nine questions that will help you decide on hiring a professional DJ.

What is the purpose of your event?

DJ’s may entertain at corporate events, weddings, birthday parties, family and class reunions, school dances and many other types of parties. Many DJ’s specialize in a few different types of events, so be sure to ask what their specialties include.

Who will be in attendance?

The age of your attendees will often determine the type of music they’ll enjoy and request. For school functions, the DJ should carry mainstream radio-edited music.

What type of music is preferred?

Will your group prefer oldies, hip hop, country or top 40 hits? I know one DJ who will only play oldies. Another is a scratch DJ who likes to mix his own music. It’s often best to hire a DJ in Atlanta that has experience playing to your type of audience.

How much experience does the DJ have?

In the entertainment world, experience counts. A seasoned professional DJ with 10 years under his belt will outperform and provide a more enjoyable event than a newbie without as much experience. Skill requires knowledge and practice. Experienced DJ’s know how to read the crowd and keep your event moving along.

Where is the venue located?

Some DJ’s will only travel a certain distance to their gigs. Others will go anywhere. Metro Atlanta covers a large market. Make sure the DJ knows where the venue is located.

Will the DJ accept song requests?

Most DJ’s will be happy to honor any song requests. The best DJ’s will often bring along song request forms for the guests to fill out.

What is the size of your event?

Does the DJ have equipment adequate for your size event and location? Some parties in Atlanta can be quite big, and require more equipment.

What will you need the DJ to do, besides playing music?

Most DJ’s are highly skilled at choosing and mixing songs. The best are able to emcee your event, play trivia games and contests, and keep the party moving.

Does the DJ do corporate events?

Typically, Disc Jockeys that entertain at corporate events are more professional, and carry better equipment than the typical club DJ. They’re also used to performing to higher standards.

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