Atlanta Birthday Cakes

Atlanta Birthday Cakes - Everybody, whether young or old, has a birthday cake. Whether you choose a home-made cake or store-bought, make the cake a special one. After all, birthdays are special.

My personal favorite is a Carvel Ice Cream Cake.

Here are some creative birthday cake ideas:

Children’s Birthday Cakes:

Popular Cartoon Character Cakes

• Disney Princess Cake

• Dora Theme Cake

• Batman Theme Cake

• Incredibles Theme Cake

• Spiderman Theme Cake

• Sponge Bob Theme Cake

Sports Theme Cakes

• Baseball Theme Cake

• Soccer Theme Cake

• Basketball Theme Cake

• Football Theme Cake

• Tennis Theme Cake

• Swimming Theme Cake

So, whatever your theme, be sure to have enough birthday cake for everyone. Also have plenty of spoons/forks, plates and napkins on hand for all of your guests. Remember, some will go back for seconds and even thirds!